October 4, 2017

Safe Passage

I provide clients with a trained travel companion who is able to safely escort that individual from one point to another. I can travel anywhere in the world within a moments notice and I am able to transport an individual who is under the influence of substances, as long as they do not need direct medical attention and are safe to fly or drive. I can provide all travel arrangements, assist with proper documentation, as well as packing and unpacking. I will make sure all discharge paperwork, medical documentation, and personal belongings get into the proper hands of the facility they are going to.

Safe, sober transport services are utilized:

  1.  Upon hospital discharge to a treatment facility.
  2.  Home to a treatment facility.
  3.  From one treatment facility to another.
  4.  From jail to treatment facility.

Going home while in treatment:

There are times when it is necessary for the individual to leave treatment and go home for court appearances or work and family obligations. I am able to stay with the individual for the duration of their stay and bring them back safely to return to reenter into their treatment program.

I will stay with your loved one until they are safely admitted into the hands of the chosen treatment program.

To learn more about our sober transport services, please contact me