October 4, 2017

Sober Companionship

The transition from treatment into “real life” can prove particularly challenging and fragile.

Many newly-recovering individuals – especially those struggling with dual-diagnoses – have discovered that having a Sober Companion beside them can mean the difference between continued emotional stability and relapse. These individuals can be present 24/7 to help you restructure your daily addiction-free and emotionally re-stabilized life, while simultaneously helping you learn how to live your newly balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Individually matched Sober Companions provide vigorous and close support to their clients, helping them to make healthy life choices, follow discharge plans and remain accountable and culpable to aftercare commitments.

Some of the challenges a Sober Companion can assist you with include:

Assistance with reintegration into productive society.

• Assistance with reintegration into productive society.

• “Best fit” referrals to ancillary need residential, day treatment and/or outpatient programs.

• Appropriate referrals to physicians, doctors, therapists and other clinicians.

• Support with family reunification.

• 12-Step meeting attendance supervision.

• Daily phone support.

• Guidance and help with daily schedule design and maintenance.

• Negotiating new and/or old challenges.

• Providing non-judgmental culpability and accountability.

• Medication management & compliance.

• Nutritional & exercise coaching.

• Developing, prioritizing and achievement of short and long-term goals.

• Academic/vocational guidance & pursuit.

• Business or travel sobriety security.

• Court or legal appearance transportation & support (if appropriate).

To learn more about our sober companionship services, please contact me